Paham releases Gunita
“Gunita” by Paham is a timeless anthem, blending retro Manila Sound vibes with heartfelt serenades or “harana”. Its melody invites listeners to groove along, while melodic guitar, keyboards, and rhythmic bass create the perfect backdrop for romance. Inspired by ‘90s romantic tunes, the lyrics promise love's devotion, making partners feel like lottery winners hence the lyrics in the song, “Ipapanalo kita”. With its pure and captivating words, “Gunita” leaves an unforgettable mark on anyone who's ever been in love, echoing long after the music stops.

About the Artist:

Paham, a six-piece indie/alternative rock band, starting to make its way into the music scene. The band was first formed as a school band that include Jascha, as vocalist, Cymon, as rhythm guitarist, and James, as lead guitarist. Paham became an official band when 3 of the members joined, helping the band to fully find their sound. Kian, as keyboardist, Yuan, as Bassist, and Ryen, as Drummer.

With their heart-warming, inspiring music, and being the voice to those who are afraid to voice out, Paham is beginning to get recognition in the music scene. Their songs Hiraya, Lakbay, Akin are getting attention because of its romantic lyrics which make people want to fall in love.


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