“Don't Worry” by Ica Frias is a pop R&B gem that delivers a reassuring message
of self-love and resilience. With its infectious rhythm and uplifting lyrics, it's like receiving a warm embrace from the universe, God, or The Divine during tough times. Ica wrote this song as a personal anthem of hope but also as an invitation to her listeners
to find strength and comfort in its uplifting melodies and lyrics.




About the Artist:

Ica Frias is a pop and acoustic singer-songwriter who is capable of belting out
songs and writing original music, making her one of the newest acts this generation should keep an eye out for. Ica Frias perfectly establishes the tone of her artistic sound and music with her debut single, “Ayoko Na,” which is an expression of profound,
heartbreaking emotions. Upon release of her debut single, Ica Frias landed on the cover of “Fresh Finds Philippines”, bagged the #1 spot in said playlist, and is now included in “OPM Rising” and “EQUAL Philippines”. The single also peaked at #36 in Viral 50
– Philippines.

Met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the public and media, Ica Frias
has already been invited to perform in one of the country's biggest university fairs/festivals, UP Fair: Polaris. She has also been invited to guest and perform in the noontime TV program Tropang LOL, the acclaimed radio show Wish FM 107.5 Wish Bus, and MYX
Global: MYXclusive.


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