A sunrise in a dream symbolizes new beginnings, hope, and optimism. It represents
a fresh start and a positive outlook on life.
” (Dreamapp, 2024)

Bree has always envisioned their music to be the soundtrack to one's travels and
journeys. Of fresh starts and new opportunities. “A Dream of Sunrise” is their offering to the misfits, the dreamers, and all dream beings. With notes of Shoegaze, Dreampop and Acoustic tones, the instrumentality and musicianship focuses on building up the
ambient and hopeful feels of the message it aims to herald.




About the Artist:

Breē’s music serves as a guiding map, where every note and lyric acts as a step,
leading individuals on a unique journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world around them. The band’s artistic vision is intertwined with the majestic beauty of mountains, the tranquility of shores, and the allure of scenic vistas, serving as potent
symbols that reflect the profound connection their listeners share with the music. Whether it is a physical journey to uncharted destinations or an introspective exploration of one’s thoughts and feelings, their melodies provide the perfect accompaniment;
as if their songs were crafted to be the musical guide for these experiences, enhancing the emotions and memories that accompany them. Their tunes speak to those who find solace in the rain’s embrace, providing comfort reminiscent of the quiet crackling of
burning wood – a sort of music that feels like a warm, welcoming home, particularly for those who have traded the busy city life for the tranquility of the countryside as their forever haven. Breē’s creative journey will continue throughout the year as they
craft new songs, while their live sound evolves and refines through gigs and live performances.



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