Seize the day and spend one helluva day with those special someones as Seedy and
the Years takes you on a “Vacation”. This jolly yet laidback rock piece will lift up your spirits and let you know to just enjoy the present and let yourself love.




About the Artist:

Seedy and the Years are all about catchy tunes and thoughtful lyrics, wrapped up
in a pop-rock vibe. Perfect for your next road trip playlist, Seedy and the Years will have you jamming out and reflecting at the same time. The seeds of Seedy and Years began when Carlo and David submitted a couple of demos to Offshore Music around 2018.
A few weeks later they received an invitation to fully flesh out their EP. Wasting no time, they recruited Eboy and Daetrick to produce what would become the Downshift EP (released in August 2020). Since they were limited to only a few promotional engagements
due to the pandemic, the band subsequently chose to go dormant. Fast-forward to August 2023, Seedy and the Years felt it was time to get back to work. Now joined by Richard and Jay, they are eager to share their songs to travelers, commuters, and anyone in
search of a soundtrack for their everyday lives.


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