No Lore talks about love in a different way through their single, “Tahimik”. While many people think love is about big, flashy gestures, this song says it’s more about the simple, “quiet” moments spent together. While still maintaining their signature sound, No Lore opts for a softer tone this time ’round, departing from the usual heavy synths and beats. The brother-sister duo branch into a more relaxed and gentle vibe, complemented by intentionally simple lyrics to capture the raw emotion of the song.

About the Artist:

NO LORE is an alt-pop sibling duo composed of Jerald (keyboardist and music producer) and Tita Halaman (vocalist and guitarist). What sets the sibling duo apart from other artists would be their artistic backgrounds and creative process. Jerald is a visual artist and self-taught music producer while Tita Halaman is a painter and poet. The brother and sister combined their talents through music; Tita Halaman’s paintings with poetry are transformed into a dreamy alt-pop song with the help of Jerald. Hence, No Lore’s tag “Music from paintings with poetry”.

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