BRISOM light up the night as they bring it with that delicious popwave signature
through the “ECHOES” Audio Bundle. Lead by the track of the same name, this funky and heavy hitting pop track expresses the painful longing of a love realized just a bit too late. And knowing that until that dream is within reach, the pain will never ever
go away.



About the Artist:

is a Filipino synth/popwave band that was formed in 2013. The band's music is characterized by a fusion of different genres such as pop, rock, and electronic music, with influences from both Western and OPM (Filipino Music). Their sound is often described
as dreamy, atmospheric, and nostalgic, which is characteristic of popwave music. The members of Brisom are Brian Sombero (vocals, guitars), Timothy Abbott (guitars, synths), LJ Panganiban (bass), Gyn Castro (guitars) and Jeffrey Castro (drums). The band has
released several albums, EPs and Singles. Aside from “Balewala” (the band’s biggest hit with more than 3M streams on Spotify), their recent release “Jeepney”, their own spin of Kala’s mid 2000 hit has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify. Brisom has gained
a following in the Philippine indie music scene, and their music has been featured in various media outlets and platforms. The band has also performed in numerous live shows and music festivals both locally and internationally, showcasing their unique popwave


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