totâ (feat. Nikka of the vowels they orbit)

As the fifth release in totâ’s narrative, “Hiyang”, marks a new chapter in his story of battling out fears and anxieties. “Hiyang” symbolizes hope and optimism in the face of his fear of growing up. Drawing strength from nostalgic reminiscences and the promise of tomorrow, “Hiyang” is juxtaposed by a lighter musical backdrop. Featuring Nikka from the vowels they orbit, the collab adds depth and echoes the artists’ real-life engagement.



About the Artist:

totâ is Josh Villena’s passion project and a solo endeavor in a self-created genre he calls “tindig-balahibong rock” (goosebumps rock). Josh Villena has 18 years of music-making under his belt – from playing guitar for Peryodiko and Reese Lansangan to writing songs and performing with his bands: Maya’s Anklet and Autotelic. totâ, despite being a solo endeavor, is joined by a band composed of none other than his father, Mel Villena – a known musician, composer, and musical director, and siblings Ria, Miko, and Mark. The name “tota” is derived from his nickname “ota” which was a mispronunciation of Josh’s toddler self of his real name “Joshua.” Carrying that nickname is a fulfillment of his longing to create music for himself and explore deeper and darker themes such as fear and anxiety. Not only is he now revealing the name from his childhood, but also the stories inspired by that time in his life. 


totâ, josh villena, autotelic, sony music, nikka

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