Hot off the heels of the recent release of the much-awaited 2024 banger “The Fool,” local reggae-rock stalwarts and sought-after live act FRANCO show no signs of slowing down, especially with their all-new offering “Elevate.”

Officially released last April 20th, 2024 on all major music and video streaming platforms, the track – a more-than-welcome surprise drop – deviates momentarily from the driving rhythms and full-band bombast the group is known-for and delivers a vibe-y, smooth n’ sexy ambiance via beats from collaborator MESKLUN.

“I was aiming for a Sade-esque kind of vibe once I heard the beat Mesklun gave me – a sensual vibe,”recounts Reyes, when asked about the origins of the song. “It’s really all about that intimacy – the feeling people get when making love – that inspired both the mood and the lyricism of the song.”

Written amidst lockdown during the recent worldwide pandemic, Reyes found himself in the province of Baler, Aurora dealing with the restrictions like everyone else. With the creative juices still flowing and looking for ways to alleviate the stress brought about the conditions, Reyes holed-up Mesklun’s mini studio and began recording beats and instruments for the track.

 “Just to be able to finish at least one song was already a feat during those times,” continues Reyes. “We recorded the vocals in the bathroom to get that ambient. Tile-reverb effect and sonic treatment, and everything else – the mixing and mastering process – was done via email and shared files and messages.”

Longtime fans and listeners – albeit more accustomed to the band’s full-blown, balls-out anthems – will still definitely relate and hear the familiar elements of reggae, dub and that unmistakably vocal tone Franco is celebrated for and will find that “Elevate” will be a favorite rarity among Franco’s expansive discography. Truly, a B-side that has all the elements of transforming into a constant live favorite for special occasions and settings.

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