Awaken all the nerves in your body and shake it with AJi and Introvert Fiesta through their incredibly catchy single ‘Atras Abante’! This earworm pulls in the perfect vibe with a jolly brass-led pop melody to get everyone off to their feet and just go atras, abante!


 About the Artist:

Introvert Fiesta is a launch pad for the diverse range of artists that have touched down at E3E’s HQ. Within this creative and supportive environment, newly discovered talents and bona fide artists champion creation and collaboration to come up with music from absolute bangers to tracks that contrast the expected popular sound. Aimed at being trailblazers in local entertainment, the multi-genre product of Introvert Fiesta pushes the envelope of original Filipino music. A brainchild of multi-awarded artist, producer, and director Boom Dayupay, Introvert Fiesta features a number of eclectic songs he’s co-written and co-produced with the artists. Long after the breakthroughs Boom has made as artist and producer of Kulay, and lending his expertise and vision to commissioned projects—including tourism videos for his beloved Camarines Sur—for some time,
Boom is back to both helm the creative process and encourage the Introvert Fiesta artists to shine.


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