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The Negation
Bourne Legacy
This is one helluva ride! Literally, this flick's gonna' take you places. As far as my own backyard. Basically, it all started with the headshot of London journalist Mr. Ross. Then it all snowballed f...
The Negation
The Mistress
The John Lloyd-Bea Alonzo combo never fails to deliver. I bet this was another blockbuster because I only heard about this movie through word of mouth(though I'm sure I've seen the trailer before, but...
The Negation
Of All The Things
Taken 2 was supposed to be viewed. I dunno why I ended up with Of All The Things. It's ok though because I enjoyed the flick. It was refreshing to watch these types of flicks(way different from how Th...
The Negation
Another local movie that fell under the "horror/thriller" category this year. These things are actually gaining ground in the movie industry and there's no signs of letting up. Just like Carlo J...
The Negation
Raining on B-Meg's Parade
For the 1st time ever, the PBA franchise Rain or Shine won the championship in this season's Governor's cup. The pressure was on both teams actually. B-Meg, being the past conference champs, are press...
The Negation
This indie flick ain't best picture for this year's Cinemalaya festival for nothin'. First of all, it included my long time bud Jerico Antonio(a.k.a. "Nico Antonio"). All my buds are great you know! ...
The Negation
UFC 142
Just seen a replay of this shit. So, as Mike Goldberg says here we go! Edison Barbosa VS Terry Etim The 1st round almost belonged to Etim with his crisp striking, fancy footwork, and takedown. But ...
The Negation
Ring Kings
This should've been due more than a week ago. Let's just go ahead with the festivities, shall we? Deandre Latimore VS Carlos Quintana A new schooler versus an old school former world champ....
The Negation
Dreamcatcher - Shady Blues
[04-25-11] I have this pair of shades. A new pair I should say. My gf chose it for me, that’s why it’s extra special. Special specs. Spec specs. Get it? IDC, I LOL’d! Before I went home last (Bla...
The Negation
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(Part II)
At long fuckin' last! The Harry Potter to end all Harry Potter movies! If you've waited long enough for this, you may wanna cry for you will not see Daniel Radcliffe and friends again for quite...