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Lives in Pasig City, Metro Manila (NCR) Philippines · 33 years old
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
Myths on Oral Sex
Oral sex is part of sexual intimacy. There are, however, some myths that need to be dispelled. Are you familiar with the terms ‘giving head’, and ‘brain salad surgery'? How about ‘blow job’, ‘go down...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
5 Reasons Sleep is Important to Get Glowing Skin
Building Collagen - Collagen is necessary to keep your skin healthy and maintaining its elasticity. When you're asleep, your body starts producing hormones that help build up collagen. Losing your ski...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
7 Bad Eating Habits to Break Now
Missing the Meal Train - Another unhealthy eating habit is to skip meals. Skipping breakfast is probably the worst, but anytime you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down and you're much likelier to ...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
Top 10 health tips for employees on the night shift
If you have a job that requires you work the night shift, pay a little extra attention to certain things to avoid adversely affecting your health. Whether you work in a call center, hospital or are w...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
10 things you should never say to your wife
1. “Maybe you should go on a diet.” Yes, looking after your house and keeping it habitable has affected how she looks but if you can’t compliment her, don’t ever let her hear this one. Especially whe...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
Pinay Hair Problems, Answered!
Q: What can I do to prevent falling hair? A: Hair fall can be attributed to several different factors—stress, dandruff, lack of nutrition, pregnancy, health problems, poor hair care habits, and even ...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
How Much Sleep do you Actually Need?
How much sleep is enough? How much is too much? How much is too less? The sleep debate is one that goes on endlessly. We are sure these questions must have played on your mind at some point in time. ...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
10 Best Foods for Your Body
Avocado for Shiny Hair "Long touted as the miracle hair food, they're high in vitamins B and E which promote a healthy scalp and the growth of new strands," says Cynthia Pasquella, certified clinical ...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
5 easy ways to make your relationship stronger
Make your relationship better by addressing old issues Fights, jealousy and previous misdemeanours upset our little bubble of romance and can make relationships a tricky minefield. If you find yours...
Kristian Eddie Lee-GVP
5 ways to deal with a breakup
Breakup tip 1: Stay away, and think of the bad times “I’ll nip to her house to see if she’s remembered to feed the fish”, “I must go and check that he managed to get back from the gym okay”. No, no,...