In The Name Of by Fragments | Rakista Live EP409
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Posted by Mr Grimm  . Mar 2
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Fragments Performs "In The Name Of" live at Rakista Radio.

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"In The Name Of"

No solace, everything chaotic
Soldiers march through the east

Their lives have crumbled,
without any chance to see the light
Tragic deaths all for nothing,
while they force feed the lies and enforced false beliefs
There’s no point in saving our dying hope
God what have you done to your people

You call yourself God, while your people are dying
Everyday tensions arise, conflicts are getting worse

We’re running out of body bags
Families brought to suffer
Their sons sent to war
No father & mother should bury their sons

Blood flows from the innocent
They all die for nothing, They all die

Airstrikes & Landmines,
Everyday bombs are dropped & bullets are fired
All in the name of God
This war on terror
All in the name of God

No solace, everything chaotic
We’re all going to die

There’s no God to save us now.

We’re All Going To Die.

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