Reign by Neruda | Rakista Live EP405
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Posted by Mr Grimm  . March 2, 2020
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Neruda Performs "Reign" live at Rakista Radio.

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Can you feel the pain?
That I was set to feel
Let me out from this hole,
I have seen too much of these
Denial comes again
I'm still awake
I'm holdin on, I'm holding stong
I'm closer to the edge

I need to know the reason
Why or how could this be real
I should've known my reasons
I can't get on, I'm stuck inside this prison

So let me live another day, please let me know
If there is still a taste of silk and velvet in her hair

I need to know the reasons
Why the stars lined up when I was still awake

If I could tell the world of my mistakes
Then I will be the one, once again
If I could plead you to be beside of me
Then I won't be alone again

Can you feel the pain?
That I was set to feel
I'm holdin' on, I'm holding strong
I'm closer to the edge

I'm still awake

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