Slipknot Live at Rock Am Ring 2015
Posted by Rakista Radio  . January 5, 2018
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Video Description
Slipknot full concert/full set in 2015 live at rock am ring! enjoy!
For metal fans, from a metal fan! (SETLIST DOWN BELOW)

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0:00 XIX
3:04 Sarcastrophe
7:55 The Heretic Anthem
11:45 Psychosocial
18:05 The Devil in I
25:50 AOV
32:33 Vermilion
37:50 Wait and Bleed
41:55 Killpop
46:20 Before I Forget
51:35 Duality
56:55 Eyeless
1:01:46 Spit It Out
1:09:00 Custer

1:16:26 (sic)
1:21:30 Surfacing

There is unfortunately a 20sec technical difficulty during the song Duality. if you want to see the full song live that day

Slipknot Live at Rock Am Ring 2015 Full Concert HD
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