SOAKED IN BLEACH 2015 - Film Documantary About The Death Of KURT COBAIN
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Posted by Rakista Radio  . August 13, 2018
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Video Description
Soaked in Bleach is a 2015 American documantary drama.
The film details the events leading up to the death of Kurt Cobain, as seen through the perspective of Tom Grant,
the private detective who was hired by Courtney Love to find Cobain, shortly before his death in 1994.
It also explores the premise that Cobain's death was not a suicide. The film stars Tyler Bryan as Cobain and Daniel Roebuck as Grant, with Sarah Scott portraying Courtney Love and August Emerson as Dylan Carlson.

directed by Benjamin Statler, who co-wrote and produced it with Richard Middelton and Donnie Eichar.