Nirvana - Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 1991 (Full Concert)
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Video Description
© 1991 Geffen Records / Nirvana. This upload has no monetization, profit whatsoever. All rights and reserves belong to Geffen / DGC Records and Nirvana.

25th November 1991
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Length: 61mins

Video: 2 DVD [NTSC] Sources (PRO #3b), (PRO #1b / LTSO),
used Yadif x2 deinterlacing to achieve 60fps (59.94 exact).
Audio: 48Khz PCM Soundboard
Original transfer by: Mike Ziegler (PRO #3b)

Upscaled to 1080p60 in order to preserve quality.

The video for 'Drain You' has been cut for copyright reasons, but the SBD audio for the song remains.

0:00:22 Drain You (video cut for copyright reasons)
0:04:01 Aneurysm
0:08:24 School*
0:11:11 Floyd The Barber
0:14:04 Smells Like Teen Spirit
0:19:05 About A Girl*
0:22:01 Polly
0:24:51 Lithium
0:29:14 Sliver
0:31:40 Breed
0:33:33 / 0:33:54 fcuk off mic
0:35:29 Come As You Are (out of tune/scream edition)
0:41:13 Been A Son*
0:43:27 Negative Creep
0:46:02 On A Plain*
0:49:13 Blew*
0:53:21 Love Buzz (cover)
0:55:30 Kurt pissed off at a cameraman
0:56:44 Territorial Pissings
0:59:08 Stage Destruction

* - From Live! Tonight! Sold! Out! DVD (PRO #1b).

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