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Merry Xmas to All
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Look up in the sky I think the lights are low
Open up your door 'coz it's time to come along
Listen to the children singing

See the happy faces in different places
It's time to celebrate, light up the fireplace
Open up your presents 'coz it's christmas day

Merry christmas
Merry christmas
Merry christmas to all

Waiting for this guy in his winter sleigh
So you better be nice 'coz he's coming in town
Everybody 'round the world come sing along

Let's all come join the celebration, ain't no time for hesitation
Go on. let's greet this season filled with pure anticipation
Hold on. to all the memories and years we had together
Come on forget the times of hate we need no aggravation

Leave all your pain and worries behind no need to hurry
In time we'll understand the real meaning of this season
For now just join the ride, let this song become your guide
And let's celebrate
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