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I found the chrysalis
Inside the water, through the path of light

I made it through inside
I grab through within, like a power that lies in me

Upbringing through the skies,
washing through the tides
Uprisen from your pride, 
sustaining through the light
Remember who you are, 
youre not a lose at all
Youre in fulfill the one, 
never abandon your life

New chances in your life
The strength is like a might, applause within your pride
The power that you obtain is in its final form
The search is over, be champion once again
(Repeat Chorus 1)

Chorus 2
Aevorius, you’ve granted to your wish
They’ll always guide you, 
We with you through the end
The bond is deeping you, 
They’ve all fulfilling you,
They’ve always loved you, 
they will be proud of you
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