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A Liar's Promise
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This night, seems so dark and cold.
I saw you with her on the dance floor,
This sound of torture and demise,
It shows that I’ve been replaced

Drive down, the city streets alone,
The radio, keeps playing my song,
The verses push me to let go,
While the chorus cries the acceptance of losing.

I’m heading west to make things right,
Hopping I fall asleep tonight.
Don’t know what’s down this road,
Miles away from home it’s so cold.

I’ll be fine without the things I left behind.
I just need to pull myself together.
Slowly erasing the memories right off my mind,
Changing everything would be better.
I’m glad you opened up my eyes
And see all the promises we’re lies.


My heart jumps with the rhythm of mine
And I used to dance while you’re singing
Your voice made me fall in line 
A nostalgic melody in my ears.
Made me believe our fake love story
Was just a fairytale in disguise.
Our book with a happy ending
Was just another
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