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Before I Drown
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Many years from now
I'll be searching for something
I don't know where and how
I'll just keep looking for it

I don't know where I've been
Reaching out for shades of green
Between the lines of time
Where it all starts and begins

The wind it touches my skin
My soul feels full of dreams
This place is driving me wild
That's messing with my eyes

From the stars and skies above
Pointless view comes crawling fast
It's like a tired mind that roams
Abling my passion to be here at last

My whole world is going down
With every inch and miles around
Grab me before I hit the ground
Somebody help me before I drown

Captured by the light
Strapped around so hard so tight
Echoed through the night
Let GOD deliver all His might

Repeat  IV
Repeat Chorus 2 x
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Song Dedications
July 28, 2019
Wakanda Forever!