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Get Drunk On Sad Love Songs
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They say that i'm crazy over this infatuation
And I can't disagree 'cause it shows that to be
And everything I can see starts moving slowly
I know that broken hearts just wander and not giving up on this precious world we all called life
As the time passes by, I felt like falling

And this time I think i'm breaking as time says that this is goodbye
I know someday these feelings will fade slowly in my mind with your face

Once again, say those words to me and let's get drunk on sad love songs 2x

Verse 2:
I asked myself of a question with an unknown answer
Can we still go on? Not sure if this is forever
And as I watch you leaving, tears are crashing,

Pre-Chorus 2:

And once again I think i'm breaking this time says that this is farewell I know one day these feelings will fade slowly in my heart with your eyes

(Repeat chorus)

In this moment though I'm breaking
Well this time this is a farewell
I know today your feelings will fade slowly in your heart, so please stay
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