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Nah here we go with my mic and put some routine a little bit of nasty when you hit the tip everybody jump around cpme and sing with me i'll drink my beer to boost me up now listen to this it happens always all the time after month of july all neighborhood in this block gather angather and i saw this house in a corner and closing all their windows i dont know why but i think they are not invited i try to figure out whats the reason of this mess i know im out of here but i felt it so guilty this stuff is bullshit does color matter now to make you blend to this trip i dont know why what happen to this people and this shit all i here all i here is chit and chat and laughing out loud na na na na na na na let us give them with some respect

Put it  in put it in those pieces
Put it back put it back those missing
Put it in put it back right now
The piece of this puzzle to unite again
Put it in put it in
Put it back put it back
Put it in put it back
The piece of this puzzle to unite again

I said fuck the rules shut them off how can you learn some respect in that situation making your decision out of the blue now listen to this they didnt earn or deserve this because of what you see is making you blind because of what you hear is making you def doesnt matter or how it matter its thesame race will lay at the end of our lives we need to jidge each one by their character not by there age or color or nature dont pretend jist let them blend well help us out dont be a threat even though we didnt born on the same nation state of living is a big difference wealth and money is not a problem let us give them with some respect

Repeat chorus
You know the things that destroys our world descrimination
You know someone who discovers this history its you

Stop acusing stop the blame respect one anaother just play your game (4x)
Repeat chorus
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