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Me Techie Love You Long Time
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Me techie love yout long time
Don't you worry, im defective
like you
Stay with me, this will not take
I'm going to take a look, try to
The part that is already broken
I can see something is missing

My lady I feel so alive
These broken dreams, we shall
It ain't over until it's over
Put your arms around my
tattooed shoulder

most of us know if truth we seek
and we shall find
Embrace the truth, if you know its
true and you'll be fine

Everybody's messed up, I know
but there's no reason not to make
lige better

In perfect symmetry, my system's
fuse is overheating
Report abuse so they can monitor
what you're doing
Your words don't mean a thing if
you cannot do it
I;m going on tangents, I'm
confused now
i can't relate
Replace the part that is broken

Everybody's messed up, I know
But there no reason not to make
life better

We don't even need to put anyone
And we have to finish what we've
One at a time, Draw the line
maintain yourselves, keep the
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