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A thievery plot to steal your wary heart.
I`ve confessed to the dark, I take her blessings.
The blind leads the weak,
Shut your mouth you don`t need to speak
We`ll commune under twisted sheets.

I`ll sing you praises before the kill.

Tell me how your body works
Your my needed releases
Pull you in to me with all gravity
Your body`s worth
More than the expanse of the seas
I`m all in, cuz tonight there`s only you and me

I`m chaotic, all I need is more
No use to scream, there`s no one here to hear
It`s erotic when we leave it all to chance
You can run if you want
You can run if you want.

I`ll wait `til the night is here

So we dance and I`m holding on
Yes, we dance and I`m holding on
I`m lost when you`re not around
Tell me if you need it then I`ll give it
Give you all of the world
Give you all of the world
The sin is worth the risk you`re taking

Relax, concede, this will be over soon
Don`t move, don`t scream, breathe in
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pampagising! rak!
para sayo #Miel