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Meet me after dark
We`ll go against the weather
We`ll fight, well they can`t decide for us
Their minds are cynical
Their ordinary eyes can`t see through it all.
They can`t see through it all.

Don`t be afraid cause I`m here
Meet me halfway, I got you now
I got you now.

Cause when we go just so you know
I`ll be right here to carry you
Erase the traces
Restart everything, everything new
With wounds to mend
Hearts break but it can rebuild again.

It`s safe to let go I`m right here with you
It`s your trust that I need to believe
That I`m not in this thing alone.

Would you run away with me if it`s tonight? 
Leave everything behind
Come on, come on.
Leave with me.

I got you now.
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