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The Truth
You need to to listen and request a song.
Screaming voices trap inside the truth
Now it's time for change
And hope this is for real
Sick of the illusion
Fake is what we believe in
And recognize we all just want to fit in

This is a warning
Go make the choice
There's no time to be
Lost and confused
I can't take much more
Resting on our laurels
Expanding the head of ignorance
Last year's legends
Have fallen to the graves

But who am I to preach?
Find the answers for yourself
And you will understand
We're all a bunch of fakes
And never seem to admit it
We are all the same

Oh, how lost we are
The pathway seems to fade
And so confused
Can we still be saved?
Forgot to read between the lines
To break away from this design
Or we never did

Oh, how lost we are
Lost and forgotten obscured
I'm so confused
Blurry visions from your point of view
Forgot to read between the lines
Or we never did

We have buried ourselves
To the depths of conformity
Surrounded ourselves to the herd of mindless sheep
this is the death of a culture
That was once so sincere

We have succumbed to a trend
That we once fed
That's what I just realized
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