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Kono Yakusoku
You need to to listen and request a song.
It's not as easy as it sounds
Like I'll be breaking down again
One thing that keeps me sane
Is the promise that we keep

But you're so calm
Yet so brave
I'll watch you sleep and wish
That this moment will never change

Go on, I will be waiting here
Be strong, nothing for you to fear
Hang on, this isn't over
Go on, I will be waiting here

Plant my eyes on the ground
And I will never make a sound
'cause this is something I believe
That you'll be coming home to me

Distance, again our mortal enemy
We've been winning all these years
So please don't give up
Don't give up on me
This promise we made
I will hold in my hands
I will stay, I will wait
'cause I belong to you
If this ground breaks
I'll be calm, I'll be brave
I will stay, I will wait
I will wait for you
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Song Dedications
May 11, 2020
Go on i will be waiting here...
High school days ????
April 30, 2020