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Black Karma
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Enter dark karma!
Seeds of light that shines above
Rippin the hands of fhe creator
Forcing a tons of believers
Molevent froce comming to take our spouls

Gripping liers
False believers destroyer
Is this the age of the true and the false believers.

The deciples marching down the asle
Teaches the word from above.
Rising us forth from the life
Limited force comming to tax us all

Gripping liers
False believer destroyers
Is this the age of the true and the false believers

When darkness arrives
Whos soul will survive
Whos legon will claim
Of his kingdomcome

Behold thy name
Of blasphemus desive
Forcing us to worshing
The true eternal lie
They squels and whore
Fuck believers destroys
Is this the age of the true and false believers.

Heres to the name of the God
Who provides us the light that keeps on shinning high 4x
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October 22, 2020
testing lng???
September 6, 2020
April 1, 2020