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Searching For The Answers
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I couldn't sleep at night trying to figure out what's roght
These peices in my mind, I find it hard to bring them back to life

I'm searching for a clue, But I found nothing until now
(Whoah! Whoah!) Or we are gonna get the punishment and die!
(Whoah! Whoah!)  We gotta gotta get the answer tonight

Keep searching, til the answer is found

I tried to walk the line and follow where it's gonna take me
Hoping this will lead me to the path I'm supposed to be
I'm searching for that road, But I can't find it until now

I'm searching, searching until now
We gotta do it now! We gotta do it now!
Coz we gota no more time to waste

Do it now! Do it now! (keep searching)
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