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A Weeknight Memoir
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For us kids may we stand our ground
with worry-free, without fear.
Never let no one stop you
Rise up and shout with blazing hearts
This life we lead, (is harsh and bleak) we choose to live
we’ve come and gone, (and we’re) still here
(So fuck them all) once and forever
We are kids we can show them all
No one cries impossible, we fight for better days
we are the kids and yes we are scarred
we wear wounds proud
Kids one and all, remember what we say
For those who doubt our ambitions
we listened, we never walked away
we are here along with you
rise up and shout with blazing hearts
Our love you give, Our blood you bleed
and sadness we were meant to grieve
and truth that you believed
if time will bring us age and pride,
relive those nights, we felt alive
Because we are
We are the Kids Forever
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