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Sgt. Trigger
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Destruction of a mind incorporated lies
They`re ridin` like cowboys they got us bond like ties
In a place where our destination`s death
I smell my family`s blood on the devil`s breath
So what`s up are you gonna shoot me up
Shut up it won`t stop till you drop you piece of crap
This is how it`s goin` down
Yo better check yourself what goes around
What`s up Mr. Trigger Happy humpin` around the city
You`re the biggest wannabe abusing your authority
Hey you wanna shoot me wanna shoot me
Bang-bang-bang the bullet`s comin at me
Nah but you missed now you`re fucked up and pissed
If you wanna kill me you gotta cut my throat and my wrist
You can only do this if you gotta say please
Be ready next time coz your gun`s no match for my rhyme


I pull the trigger in ya head (4x)
Oh my God all this hate just makes me rise (4x)
It`s comin` back like this
You hope and wish they hit ya with the fist
With a freestyle joint you`re stinking like a dead fish
Come inside to do a murder muthafucker
Sucker sucker oh yeah I`ll take you higher
I`ll be singing superstition like I am Stevie Wonder
You think you can kung-fu they`ll turn around and hit you
Try to run try to run you`re runnin` from Fu-Manchu
You what you gonna do

Repeat Chorus:
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