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I need your own advice
I`m falling far behind
You need to tell me now
If I`m pushing you away

I suffer with your dust
I`m burning all your trust
I can`t believe it`s true
That I need you here to stay

I need your attention
Point me to the right direction
I`ve made my decision
Point me to the right direction

I`m looking in your eyes
I`m reading all your lies
I pretend to be alright
But it kills me down inside

I need to move away
From the broken endless day
When time is running out
Can you help me once again

(Repeat Chorus)

So here I am
To my last stand
I`m tired to fall
I`m tired to crawl
It`s my goodbye
To one and all
Just like before
Away from you

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
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Song Dedications
Sana ma play
R.I.P Jamir
November 26, 2020
July 13, 2020