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Ska Linti
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I aint no prince
But I sure don’t want to be a slave
Hate to tell you this
But that is what our fuckin state is, man
Our asses can never ever
Escape conformity
Bcos its part of the package
When we got outa the vagina's
Life is manipulative
So full of self-contradictive shits,
Mechanisms that drive me insane
Pathetic is our nature
And oftentimes
I really need to die
Cos I get so sickened & tired
Crossed my mind to put shit an end!
Existence has no end
When I fuckin die I wana be in control
When I go out I want my body & soul
Destroyed by my own hands
Willed by my own mind
Don’t want anybody callin my shots
Existence is slavery
Because life is conformity
That’s why we’re all
Punked up psychopathic
Yes I might not be talkin about
The proper reality or a healthy perspective
Immature it is childish manure
But sure shot shit I just can’t say no more for
Life is manipulative a vast ocean of shit
The whole humanity is a petri dish
Of oppressive plagues
& often times I really need to die
cos I get sickened & tire
Crossed my mind to put shit on end
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