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Attention on your stage right
your fancy  peers are the spotlight

Applause they still love you
I guess you`ll do it just fine notoriety
Strictly business it`s how the make their living

Lascivious interlude a mimicry of exquisite life

Those Angel bodies thirst for lure
slitting their wrist to sleep with roacheds under their mattresses 

Here come the press now they`re taking your photograph

Open your eyes if you want to see 
what`s in there behind their masked identity 
lines that they read this fiction they feed to fantasize some more
Until someone dreams to covet this lavish throne

Follow their lead be in all of their scenes and live the fib show

Attention on your stage left
your vices are splitting clemency on you
Recon your time is iver

I hope to God you dont perish entity

You need anadyne the most commodious way to feel dull
Ignominious oh what a shame a decay a despicable life

Intermission in your face now
Your glory has been filch upon your grasp
Take it it`s a method you can have your last bow
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Song Dedications
Para lahat ng Mafias!:?
December 26, 2018
for everyone
Para sa hangover.
March 7, 2018