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Cherished you are by those hanker
Hated by thos who live in his way
You poor Drab 

The of a traitor and soon you`ll be
leaving with you haunted soul

I can`t blame you it`s not easy 
I know to refuse her
Tempting you to give your soul for
Empty hopes tainted love

She screwed us both
Meet my friend my harlot
You never satisfy what she desires
Drops you lifeless 
You`re cold and alone now she`s with 
her provider, the lights are brither now

Don`t tell me you love me
your words have destroyed me
But I`ll get even

You`ve proven yourself now
You`ve weaken as a child
You`re no man I dreamed about

Why god can I see her laughter while
I`m on my knees as I bleed and suffer

Together you`ve taken my shelter the bliss I recieved I belived gone forever

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