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It`s the fifth excuse me sir 
Please hold the door

I anxiously walked to the hallway
I turned left and I slowly walked through your door
I hope you`re wearing that blue shorts
and the sky blue shirt

The you used to wear when we`re starting out 
dreamin` to be rich and proud

No makeup you will open the door and I missed
Those glasses looking through my eyes 

The smell of what you`re cooking stay to your shirt 
as you hug me then I`ll kiss 
I can tell you haven`t showered at all
Always I ask myself what is the best thing that
ever happened to my life

Your name is always there it ain`t fair
The lovely colors we made
You quickly covered it black
Not even looking at the times 
that we have painted love

I`m sure that I`ll never ever see you again 
but tonight

I`ll put the time and wait till you sleep 
I`ll read your mind I see your dreams
I think you waved goodbye
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Please play it for me again ?
February 5, 2019
May 30, 2018
Thanks guys. Keep on rocking