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There's nothing left for me.

Days, I counted relentlessly,
not knowing if I could survive one more.
Deprived myself of deserved respect
I strayed on the streets, unfamiliar floors.
I promised myself to not look back on this place again.
I promised myself to not look through your eyes again.

But I find myself hold back
To the memory I've had

Am I better of without,
Cause I fail, Over and over.

Watching this slowly slip away,
Your love can't find a reason to stay.
I saw it and it conquered me surrounded by my own defeat.

I've burned my eyes just to see you shine
After all this time oh God,
I have endured so much

Just want to tell you that I know that everything must go
But no this, why this?
I've given so much, I've shed so much.

I can't just wake up and tell myself everyday,
that this is you and me on separate ways,
Cause I know I've trusted nothing but faith.

But I'll pickup myself and see,
If this life could bring me down to my knees again.
No more. No more.
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October 31, 2020
Magandang gabi!
August 23, 2018
August 14, 2018
Magandang gabi mga rakista! Please do check our page for more of our music! -Orca