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As far as east to west 
From coastlines of gleaming horizons 
Merging grids of separation 
A view from the different planes 
of consciousness, the difference of 

Being awake from the real being 
Colors and shades, im a witness of 
Over and beyond heavenly and mundane 
the escape of my mind from its confinement 

Until we come to realize what we lack 

Can you define me? 
Slowly, disolving, 
From earthly conclusions 
Like prism deprived of light 

Every dusk and dawn, 
Beginning to an end 
Still waking up but the distance from our place 

Is like light years away 
From sleeping soundly 
Recapture and tame the feeling 

Chasing shadows from the wall 
You empty your heart and walk for miles 
Looping ends 
From the comfort of pavement. 

Your heart surrenders for awhile. 

Days counting down 
As you wait for recreation 
Erase the traces of what was built, 
For your soul yearns 
And begs to quench its thirst 

You discover that we're just vessels of former divine 
Now we're just hollow cases they left behind 

In the end, 
Find him, and tell him everything 
I promise you it will all be answered. 
A light that's different from others 
We're destined to prove it all wrong 
To prove that you have to believe 
and It will all be answered. 

In the end of times 
In his arms, it will be answered 

In the end of times 
In his eyes, it will be answered 
It will be answered 

In the end of times 
In his arms, it will be answered 
It will be answered 

In his eyes, In his arms 
To the end of times 
It will all be answered 

Digging deeper, getting farther to what i seek, 
bothered by the sounds of the sheep, yet I am calm
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Song Dedications
September 24, 2018
My Favorite Band sa UnderGround!
Magandang gabi!
August 23, 2018
January 10, 2018
Idol!! \m/