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Twisted Boy
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The twisted boy and the mad hatter flows 
to the boneyard circus of the unknown
a dark and terrible story i will tell
of the nightmare that i saw before my eyes

a grotesque monster who call himself a dad 
run a terrible circus of the mad
this mad hatter character also had a son 
who is caged until his dreams were done

the freakish boy made the crowd laugh and cheer
while his father make more money each year

and then one night the boy could take no more 
he was filled with hatred that could not be ignored
so the mad hatter sleeps as the boy is filled with rage 
in his fury he breaks out of his cage

gazing down at his father he sleeps
the boy is sad and he quietly weeps
all the pain of his childhood lies there
but carving knife he ends his nightmare

la-la-la-la la-la-la-la la-la-lala-lala-lala-laaaa
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