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American Junk (Feat. Parokya Ni Edgar)
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Leave me alone to my third world devices
I don`t need your technology
You just want my natural resources
And then you leave me poor and in misery
Third world blues is what I got
Troubles, yes I got a lot

(American Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
(American Junk)
Get it out of my system
(American Junk)
I can only take so much
(American Junk)
Gotta get back to who I am

You call it new music
I call it pollution
You music I now see on my television
(American Top 40)
Why is it now I can only sing
In English language that you people bring
(Da da da da)
Why is it now that they only
Play top 40 music on TV and radio

It`s been so long since I had
A glance of what I think I really am
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