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Two Four
You need to to listen and request a song.
A day night just be twenty four hours
But why is it so hard to get through
You keep reminding yourself
That today is just temporary
And now you grab your own guitar
And make a song that’s unfamiliar
It takes you to another place
A bit unsafe where there’s no boundary

People will push and pull
You’ll never know what they want and
Make you look like a fool
Sometimes they get what they want but

The world belongs to you now
You know you can turn it around
Time will wait for no man
Do what you need to do now
And if all the crap from your past drag you down
Go break it now
All of your regrets that you want to forget

Do you wanna play or do you wanna win 
The game you’ve started
You know that you can put your foot down
You can always guide your words
And send it to a place to be heard
The number is a sign for you to speak your mind
That’s how life works now

People will push and pull
No matter what really happens
They’ll put you in a rule
Sometimes its you who control it

All the pain all the rain
All the failures and flaws that you made
All the blame all the errors and mistakes
You can throw ‘em all away
You can throw ‘em all away

All of your regrets that you want to forget (3x)
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