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A Little
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It`s back to square one again, 
It`s nowhere I haven`t been.

Another journey begins on a trembling note.
I`m losing track of my faith and 
all that makes me feel safe.
All that confront me are memories 
of the sins that I`ve known.

I deconstruct to the bone and realize 
I`m alone, 
with no more places to go. To try 
and wonder aloud.

Will mercy merit this case? 
This cycle adverse to change?
Are you the reason I wait? 
Redemption`s soon to be found!
Because when I`m falling, I remember.

You make me fly a little higher.
When the rain weighs on my wingtips.
I push myself a little harder.
When I`m bleeding, when I`m screaming.
You make me run a little faster.
When the road thins; my escape route.

And did you know you`re my inspiration?
A little more reason to fight on for today!

A second chance at this life, 
a struggle just to keep sight.
A cry from one fallen angel
just never comes close.
The traffic lights have been blown, 
they stare at me like they`ve known.

What I was soon to become, 
and the events that approach.
Say you`ll merit this case, 
take this confession with grace.
Just set me back on my pace and 
leave my spirit aglow.

Would you forgive if I asked? 
Do you think time never passed?
Because if I just had a chance
there would be more to show.

Before this lifeline, I will promise.
Would you fight for me?
Just a little bit

The faster I go, the higher I fly, 
I`ll always hear your voice guiding me through the night!
Did you know you`re my inspiration?
Just a little bit more!
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