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I Wanna Touch You
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Verse1 :
Fell in love with a girl last night
I took a shot and I let her in my world 
And everything just sprung to life 
On a cold summer night in this tropic paradise

(But wait) Heres the situation
Shes in a different timezone 
A different city half the year 
How do I keep the pace
With the tension rising
And time is running out

I wanna touch you so bad
I wanna know what's inside that head
Is it me or is it all just make believe 
I want a taste of your breath
From the alcohol or the cigarettes
I dont't care cause all I want is you

Verse 2:
Dont get me wrong about the hours apart
I've been spending my days thinking extra hard 
While she robs the night of it's youthful right getting wasted

Shes flesh and bone and not silicone
Shes out of my league
Out of my reach 
But a thousand miles won't stop me from chasing after what I need

Pre Chorus
A million reasons to let this go
But just one point for me to let them know that
I can stick it to my own devices and
Make her want to come home

Like a ship in the middle of a hurricane
I'm swept away by the forces of this tempest and her waves
Oh she blows me away into unfamiliar seas
And im drifting too far from the shore
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