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Trigger Waltz ( in D minor)
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you say it's so simple
you say it doesn't mean a thing
you left my heart hangging
and I'm already crying
will these tears make your heart
feel guilty

cause it's so easy for you
to take those sweet words away
you're like stealing candy from a baby
selfish pretty boy

you pulled the trigger
now karma's gonna come after you
cause you talk too much
and never hear anything I say
we'll im not coming back
stupid boy

you said I was a waste of your time
and that I was out of my mind
are you trying to make me feel
less of a me
take a good hard look at all of these

shoot me your words
kill me with your eyes 
kill me with your hatefulness
but still like air
I'll rise
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Song Dedications
June 13, 2018
hi sa lahat! :)