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All Falls Down
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(First Verse)

Man I promise this chick aint feelin' college, 
she just go to school to support her vices
flaunt herself is her primary knowledge,

ramp on the street like she's the Goddess now,
The professor did the roll call, 
she's not on her sit now her grades will fall
partyin' at the clubs hangin' out in the mall
she don't care at all, they're rich “problem solved!”
but, after her parents found out she's messin' a lot 
her sloth brought her education to stop
then she tought about going on a call center, 
no wonder that would sustain her financial matters.
And she met this dude of her fantasy, 
where her unlimited wealth sends to bankruptcy
left a human in her tummy broken family, actin' 
as a mother as well as a father and well?


All falls down, all falls down
I keep my feet on the ground so I can be found
all falls down, all falls down
when everything fails, what you gonna do now?
al falls down, all falls down
I keep my feet on the ground so I can be found
all falls down, all falls down
what you gonna do now? Hey

(Second verse)

Man I swear! I'm conscious on what I wear 
that's why you'll see me always rockin' fresh gears
Class of funk fella it's the illest swaggin' up 
shirts just to determine who' the best is
plus the timbs, chucks, and nikes, 
and I'm like “fella your style aint got nothin' on me”
planin' to have a tat, a verse on my back
prolly a coy fish with a text of old english.
Man to win, I'm still following my dreams, 
pushing weights doing crunches inside the gym
from the easiest and simple to the hardest things, 
multi-tasking sh*t, act rap, and sing
now you wanna think of local yet you act global
still you' being formal but accused as homosexual
hatin' you on what you do and crab-mentality
even if you' in a Honda you'll still commute on a Jeepney


Third Verse

We gone buying good stuff just to live and see, 
but let's think that the best things in life are free
livin' the life of high rollers as we dream to be, 
that's why we solve our own puzzle our struggle then we hustle.

While we work for minimum wage, nights 
and days just sayin' “I gotta pay bills with no delays”
rich fellas get what they want so easily and 
opposites haven’t went to elementary.
So I strive and I try till I succeed
screw them! I believe what I believe
keep myself and my dream on path I never depart,
I won't stop till I get myself in Forbes park
I gotta do overtime to get what's mine, 
cuz I got tons of payments left behind
I got too many problems no time to unwind
we' all self conscious I'm the second to remind!
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