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Comfort Zone
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This house is not some place you can go to
Every time you say you’re feeling down
These arms are not something you can hold on to
Every time you say you’re feeling alone

These words are not your advice
Well I don’t know much about life
To be your therapy

This number’s not something you can call on to
Every time you think you’re going astray
Sometimes it’s not healthy to depend on
All the people who’d rather stay away

This life is not your basis
To get through your major crisis
You see, you need some therapy

I’m not your comfort zone
Well I got pains of my own
I’m not your comfort zone
And I won’t dry your tears for you

This time it’s not funny how you tell me all the details
That I don’t need to know
It’s not enough that you share all your problems
Without trying to let your feelings show

The world is full of negativity
To stay the same is an impossibility
You see you need some therapy

Walk out that door
I can’t see you cry no more
Well, don’t you come knocking back
Cause I, I can’t be the one
To give you, your cure…

When you walk out that door
Turn down the lights on your way out…
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