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7 Deadly Sins
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Seething and i`m broken
and the feeling is lust and guilt.
Hating is the habit
it`s controlling
it`s killing me.

There`s so many things I`d like to do 
but it all comes down askin` "who are you"
There`s so many sins livin in this Life
you know its not too late to do what`s goddamn right


I`m breathing not living. 
This fire consumes my being. 
When hate comes, it crashes. 
Got none but kick their asses.

All my sins, I`ve been trying to forget,
All my life, Im livin with so much regret
Help me please
I want somethin new in this life
Help me please
I wanna live my goddamn life


And soon we`ll be free from sin. 

I`ll liberate myself from all this hate. 
In my own way, through night and day. 
It slowly burns, i`ll slowly spurn. 

Eliminate all of this twisted fate. In my own way
through night and day. 

Stop Stop. I want somethin new in this Life
Start Start. Lets do somethin to make this thing right.

Into pieces i break myself. 
No one else comes in my own way. 
All these things are temporary. 
What u see are 7 deadly sins.
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