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The Dance
You need to to listen and request a song.
Would you be interested in dancing with me?
And maybe tell me all your dreams
Talk to me like you would in your sleep
Don`t censor anything

Cause i wanna hear everything
There`s no innocence left to spoil
You can swear she`s not a little boy
We`ll fly tonight so far away
Where they will never find us
Use your wings and i will run fast
Cause that`s what i do when i`m not afraid
We`ve got it made up in our heads
We don`t have to wait for anyone or anything
Go anywhere we desire
So close your eyes become blind
From the world listen instead to the girl
She`ll tell you why she chose to fly
And you`re left behind
Just like me alone and free
We can smile when we`ve filled the void
And treated the burn
But until then i believe
We`re gonna have to learn
To discard any disguise we`re using
Yes it`s hard and it`s never amusing
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