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Prodigy From The Nonexisting
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I fearlessly seize the days.
Need I think of some other ways to
overcome this boggling?

Which chamber of the earth should
I take to make an escape?
They who no longer exist can tell
it`s the end of us all.

See the moon fall apart. Intrude my
tranquil mind.

Paralyzing the best thing that could
ever be now. Paralyzing.

The embers of which were burnt will
light the path to the hives,
to where we`ll go back.

It`s time to turn back to ashes.

Those just starting to exist, can see
it`s the end of them all.

See the world fall apart, intrude
their innocence.

I miserably think of this.
Will I live for another day.

Paralyzing the best thing that could
ever be. Paralyzing.

Do we pray, we`ll survive. We let go
of our lives.

To ashes, to the hives, we let go of
our lives.

We pray. We survive.
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