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Polyphia and Marty Friedman wow fans with performance in Manila

Friday, November 30, 2018 – Polyphia and Marty Friedman took the stage and wowed fans with their incredible performance at Studio 72, Quezon City as the New Levels New Devils Asia Tour, wherein the instrumental progressive quartet and legendary guitarist are set to perform in several countries in the continent throughout November to December, continues.

The aforementioned tour is steered towards supporting and promoting Polyphia’s third full-length album New Levels New Devils, which dropped last October 12 via their record label Equal Vision, and includes Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan and China.

The show, which was brought to Manila by Full Blast Entertainment, started with a bang as Marty Friedman and his Japanese band DPS, fronted by Ryosuke Kimura, along with a striking display of lights filled the venue with quality rock music that showcases the renowned guitarist’s brilliance and expertise in the field. DPS, the band responsible for the 48th Opening Song of the popular anime series Detective Conan, made an amazing Manila debut as they play alongside Friedman and perform the tracks “I Love You”, “The Perfect World” and “Undertow”. With spectacular guitar solos, high-caliber music, and a spontaneous and short “how to cuss in Japanese” lesson, Friedman and his band DPS relentlessly astonished the crowd, song after song, throughout their set. 

Polyphia, also making their Manila debut, were welcomed by chants from the fans as the instrumental progressive heavyweights opened their performance with their hip-hop inspired track, “G.O.A.T”. Voices singing and humming to the tune of their songs can be heard throughout the hall as guitarists Scott LePage and Timothy Henson rocked the stage. Clay Aeschliman kept the performance tight with his drum beats while Clay Gober, bassist, answers the crowd’s excitement and enthusiasm with his bass lines. Included in their 16-song setlist are tracks “James Franco” from Muse, “Crush” from Renaissance and “LIT”, a standalone single.



An energetic and hyperactive Gober suddenly threw himself in the crowd as fans continuously cheered and applauded during the show, followed by Henson also who crowd surfed by the end of their set. With a masterful command of melody, enticing sound, and wildly pleasing tones, the colossal force in the progressive music scene not only took the Manila stage by storm but flooded the fans with unparalleled satiating experience.

Mad props to Full Blast Entertainment and Numinous.

Photos by: Dye Vargas
Full Set: Marty Friedman (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10218178559436358&type=1&l=b506a4b692)
Full Set: Polyphia (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10218178473514210&type=1&l=bc8a4c6c9)